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SatAM Villians Club
Current Residence: The City of Robotropolis
Favourite genre of music: Dark
Operating System: Robotnik's
Skin of choice: Hedgehog's
Favourite cartoon character: Dr. Robotnik, Snively, Naugus, Other SatAM villians
Personal Quote: In every game there are winners and there are losers but in this game losers get roboticized.
"Fellow deviants, may I welcome you to the capital of Robotnik's kingdom....Robotropolis. A city of the future."

*Latest are first.*

:iconmobianmonster: says:
Hey guys, just letting you know this place is still open for those who want to send artwork. I don't know is :iconmarama-artz: wants to keep this place open still or not.
I cleaned up alot of the members that had become outdated due to their accounts deactivated,moving,or left.
Happy holidays everyone.



A club for all SatAM fans and Robotnik/Snively/Naugus freaks. First intended for a SatAM Robotnik club only but the figured it would be great to have a club for all the villains.

Here I will post artwork concerning our main villains and their robotic creations, however I'll also post fan art as long as it has to do with Robotropolis or other villains in a direct manner.

Send at least one submission and/ or watch. Preferably both.

Upload the piece to your own account and send a note with the link.
The submissions will be posted again here with a link back to the original and some might be resized. ONE link per NOTE please.

Why like that? Because that way people will go to the artist page and see the rest of the gallery. There will be no commenting or faving here, this is just for showing what the fans can do.

So if you have old drawings that you might want to submit here go ahead and send me the links.

  Also a small petition. if you're gonna send multiple deviations send all the links on one note instead that one link per note. I'd really apreciate it.


:bulletblue: NO FREEDOM FIGHTERS ALLOWED! Unless Roboticized or accompained by a villian or minion. Submit those to The Freedom Fighters club mentioned in the affiliation. Now of course fanfics can have Freedom fighters but the protagonist must be one of the villians.

:bulletblue: I don't mind mind mature content in Deviantions for as long as they don't go againts the DA Nudity policy.

:bulletblue: I do NOT like Yaoi nor Yuri, however if you really want the piece posted here send me the link anyway. If I see it's a REALLY good drawing and don't find it disturbing then I'll post it here, after all art it's art. Again check the nudity policy.

:bulletblue: I don't mind crossover or VS drawings (Ex. Sega VS SatAM art) but I won't accept drawings that might be too graphic or gory. But just send it over and let ME be the judge of that. After all, this is Robotropolis.

:bulletblue: I don't really need to mention the icon/link on your journal and/or signature do I? Then again I just did.

:bulletblue: Fan made characters accepted as long as they're directly connected to Robotropolis or are accompained by any of the main villians of the series.

*Now, don't let these rules discourage you from making submitions. Like I said, let ME be the judge of that.*




SWATBOT/VANGUARD: (Vice-Administrator)



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"It' time!"

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LordNega Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2009
I thought that I may advise about an incident that is happening on Deviantart. There is an art thief that goes by the name Bonman13 on this site. His webpage is [link] as well. Make sure you take caution around this guy because he will steal your art or art from here or anywhere, recolorize it and call it his own works. Then he will try to flame you if you call him out on it. The admins aren't doing anything about this guy either.
Blue-Fires Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2010
That kid is so annoying
LegendySonicFan Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2009  Hobbyist
Thanks for the fav!
LRonTupperware Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the favs!
LucrataNexarii Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2009

I am glad to contribute to the art-base available here. For the time, my work may be slow to appear, and not great in number, but for all those who seek to look, hopefully you will find yourself suitably amused or inspired.

Yes, those dark confines and soaring pillars of Robotropolis - someday I hope to capture and render those...
LordNega Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2008
Since I am a die hard Robotnik/Eggman fan you have officially been watched. As for marama its alphaomega_007 from live journal. Been a long time, how have you been?
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